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Washington Hall Corporate Apartments

The Poultry Building started out as the Horticulture and Photography Building, built in 1893.   By 1898, it became known as Horticultural Hall and Bacteriology Lab.   Then located near Monroe and 16th Streets, the building housed the beginnings of the Microbiology Department and the Horticulture Department.   It is the fourth oldest university building still in existence.

It was moved and extensively remodeled in 1913 as the headquarters of the Department of Poultry Husbandry, adjacent to the department’s 1907 Incubator House at the college’s poultry farm, 26th and Jefferson.

Both the Incubator House and the Poultry Building were moved in 1928 to make room for the construction of Weatherford Hall.   The Poultry Building was relocated behind Dryden Hall near 30th and Washington.   The Incubator House was moved to the college’s South Farm, near Brook Lane Drive.

After 77 years of being apart, both of these Bennes buildings are back together at Eighth and Washington, restored and ready for another 100 years of service.